Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jump Rope Builders Stamina

Good breathing will be able to burn fat in the body. Sports for example, do not forget to breathe properly. Inhale through your nose and exhale the breath through the mouth while performing aerobic activities that help you be free from fat.

One exercise that can burn fat and easy to do is to jump rope.
1. With a rope in the back and both hands at waist level, start jumping rope with a comfortable pace.
2. Keep the foresight and set foot slowly.
3. Jump a few inches off the floor, just leave enough room for the rope.
4. Continue for 2 minutes.
5. Rest and repeat.

Good luck.


  1. jump rope exercise is very easy to do, but caution is needed because it will make the foot an ankle injury while making a leap

  2. ganti template ya sob?
    pake bhs inggris, gak begitu ngerti deh...

  3. Breath is the rhythm of life if we do well in breathing God willing, will bring positive effects for us.

  4. sugeng siang kang.....
    Mugi kawilujengan..., nderek mampir ngiyup..:))

    hmmm...various post in this site. Success 4 u kang....

  5. wah nampak beda nih, makin ok aja... :)

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