Saturday, August 20, 2011

Benefits Friends of Women Menopause Apples

Apples contain boron which serves to help the body maintain a woman's estrogen levels at menopause. Disorders of disease at the time of menopause, such as the threat of heart disease and porous bones due to lack of the hormone estrogen, can be prevented with the boron contained in apples.

Appearance of the ripe fruit, crisp, apple might make a charm for mankind for centuries. Taste, aroma, and texture is actually generated from approximately 230 chemical components. It also includes a variety of acids such as acetic acid, the format, as well as 20 other types of acid. In addition, there is the alcohol content ranges from 30-40 species, esters such as ethyl acetate of about 100 species, such as formaldehyde and asetaldehid carbonyl, and much more.

Nutrients that stand out on the apple is potassium, especially in red apples, as well as pectin and cellulose.
Potassium is a mineral that works to increase the regularity of the heartbeat, activating muscle contractions, regulating the delivery of nutrients to the cells, control the fluid balance in the body's tissues and cells, and helps regulate blood pressure.

Based on the research indicates, one portion of the apple that a lot of potassium a day, can reduce the risk of stroke by 40 percent.
Apparently, high concentrations of potassium intake through diet can reduce blood pressure so that the chances of stroke decreases.

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