Thursday, August 18, 2011

Avoid Stress

Stress can come at any time, also during fasting. Stress is very detrimental to health of skin. You will look sluggish and not fresh. Many ways can be done to cope with stress, one of which is with the help of aromatherapy. The combination of bergamot essential oils with chamomile, can be the perfect solution to fast without stress. Bergamot essential oil is believed to help release stored emotions and relaxes body tension caused by stress.

Meanwhile, the substance of his trytopthan amico acid found in chamomile confirmed by scientists can provide soothing benefits.
For relaxation massages, mix 8 drops of roman chamomile essential oil and 2 tablespoons of massage oil base, such as grapessed or sweet almond. Gently massage the entire body and feel the soothing sensation of these two essential oils.

Apart from stress, headaches that can come suddenly when a fast course very bad impact on your appearance. You can use some traditional techniques to overcome them, one of which is with meditation.
In summer, a sudden dizziness come, it's good prayers, meditation though you live just a few minutes. Practicing meditation on self-focusing process in silence, as an effort to achieve peace of mind.

In principle, meditation can help people calm down so that the pressure or stress is reduced.
We all know that if we feel happy and calm, so in dealing with problems that arise will be better too. This is why meditation is done regularly can control and reduce the occurrence of migraine and headaches.

Dizziness can also be an indication that you're too tense. Headaches can also be caused by improper location of the neck that causes sore. Try to compress the forehead and the back of your neck with a warm cloth. You can also kompreskan the cloth to the head ache. Warmth delivered by the compress can help relax the tension.

Besides that way, you can try with aromatherapy. Use aroma therapy for your relaxation. After completing all the work, you'll want to soak in warm water using the scent of chamomile or lavender. Putting aromatherapy in the bedroom can also reduce tension in the face of all the busyness.

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